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Create a customised EAP plan that fits the needs of your organisation

Our flexible plans allow you to choose and pay only for the services that you really need, whilst giving access to your staff to innovate services and tools to improve their wellbeing.


  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Finland
  • Netherlands
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy



Apart from English, we have therapists that are able to offer counselling in Mandarin, Dutch, German (Germany), German (Austria), Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Afrikaans, French, Croatian, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Greek, Arabic, Cantonese, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Yoruba, Twi (Ghana), Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati.

Looking for a complex solution?

If your company has less than 50 employees or more than 100 or you are looking to cover staff in other European countries or in Middle East talk we will suit this plan to your needs.


Pro-EAP Services


24/7 Telephone Counselling


Staff and their family members will have access to an instant helpline with the counsellor available of their choice.

The main advantages of our 24/7 telephone counselling service are:

  • A wide network of BACP qualified counsellors that can be reached 24/7 over the telephone via a dedicated Freephone number
  • No waiting times to receive care as employees can ring a therapist instantly without the need for an appointment
  • Employees can choose the counsellor they want to talk to, and they can easily change of therapist if they want to
  • A wide range of expertise among therapists, covering work-related and personal issues
  • Telephone counselling is a convenient and discrete way to get support. In addition, evidence suggests that it is as effective as face-to-face counselling

Online and Face-to-face Counselling

The online counselling sessions can be requested at a convenient date and time for the employee. The online sessions are usually delivered via Google Meet and face-to-face counselling is provided at a convenient location.

The main advantages of our face-to-face counselling support are:

  • A wide network of BACP qualified counsellors across the UK
  • Many of our face-to-face therapists can also be reached at later stages on our telephone counselling platform for added convenience
  • Waiting times range from 5 to 7 working days depending on location


Live dashboards

Feedback received from managers indicated us that it is crucial to know what is going on with their EAPs at all times. For this reason we created our business space, a secured web-based platform where a designated person can access live information about the usage of our service, while keeping the confidentiality and anonymity of the employees that use the service. Live dashboards also allow you to measure the return on investment of your Employee Assistance Programme.

The main advantages of our live dashboards are:

  • HR managers can have a real time visibility of what is going on in the organisation. This can allow for early identification of issues within the workplace
  • Live dashboards do not compromise anonymity and confidentiality. We follow strict procedures that align with BACP guidelines
  • Create customised reports at any time and link them to other internal sources of information to measure the ROI of our services

Online Wellbeing Space

We have developed an online wellbeing space with relevant self-help information regarding common work-related and personal issues. On the wellbeing space employees will find articles, worksheets, and other self-help tools to improve their wellbeing in the workplace and outside. Employees can access this service 24/7 and the content of this space is constantly evolving based on the needs of your employees.

The main advantages of our online wellbeing space are:

  • Available 24/7
  • Populated with self-help information
  • Evolving with the needs of your employees
  • Access to self-assessment tools, videos and podcasts


cCBT MoodGym

We’ve partnered with MoodGym to provide an interactive self-help book that will help staff. MoodGym is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy which is successful helping learn and practise skills which can help prevent, identify and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The main advantages of MoodGym are:

  • Identify whether you are having problems with emotions like anxiety and depression
  • Learn skills that can help you cope with these emotions



Critical Incident Response

If the worst happens and you need to deal with a critical incident in the workplace, our team of trauma therapists can be deployed anywhere in the UK within 24 hours. Once on-site they can organise one-to-one or group sessions to help support those affected by the incident. Trauma support can be followed-up after the intervention via our 24/7 telephone platform with the same specialist that visited your site.

You can choose to take this service on-demand, or as part of a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme plan.

The main advantages of our critical incident response services are:

  • Trauma specialists deployed within 24 hours anywhere in the UK.
  • The therapists can be reached after the intervention via our telephone platform.



General Advice, Legal & Financial Information 

Our financial and legal advisors will provide telephone and message-based support to your employees as part of your Employee Assistance Programme.

Staff can get in touch to to receive Financial and Legal information as well as answers to queries related to employment, immigration, housing and family law-related queries.

Remember that all our plans can be customised, so you can choose if you wish to offer this service to your employees. There is also plenty of information available on our online wellbeing space to help employees on these matters.

The main advantages of our General Advice, Legal & Financial Information service are:

  • Access to accredited professionals to provide financial and family law information.
  • Telephone out-calls and text-based response available within 3 working days.

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