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What is a Global EAP?

A Global EAP or an International EAP is an employee benefit that offers free support services to staff. It is designed to help employees mental health with work-related or non-related issues in different locations around the world. 

A Global Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is usually interesting for companies with employees working from different countries. Depending on the provider a Global EAP, will offer counselling and the some or most of the normal EAP services.

Why choosing Pro-EAP?

Pro-Counselling/Pro-EAP Global Employee Assistance Programme offers a flexible approach for companies with employees based in different countries or continents.

We count with a wide network of counsellors BACP accredited who pride professional counselling support in up to 28 languages.

What makes us different?

Online & Telephone Counselling

Access a 24/7 Helpline or Online Counselling via appointment.

International Support

International employee support in up to 28 languages.

Wellbeing Space

Online self-help information and tools, 24/7 available.

Live Dashboards

Live confidential information about the usage of our service.

Provide a Flexible & Meaningful Support to your Employees

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