We improve students ability to engage with and enjoy university or school life to the full.

Our student assistance program will support students’ mental health and wellbeing, essential to manage the challenges that the study environment may present them. 

Some of our existing clients who use Student Counselling


How do we support students’ wellbeing and mental health?

Support out-of-hours

This service complements other support mechanisms your institution might currently have. With our service you’ll be able to offer 24/7 coverage. Providing student counselling from 5pm to 9am during opening days and 24h during weekends, closure days and bank holidays.

We integrate with existing mental health support pathways in order to offer a more comprehensive support to your student populations.

Students in the UK and abroad will have access to telephone and online counselling. These can be booked at a convenient date and time for the student.

Support to meet peaks in demand

There might be times of the year where demand for mental health support increases. Sometimes it can be at a level that you cannot cope with your existing resources.

The service also includes access to online counselling by appointment, and if needed additional resources to provide face-to-face counselling at University premises or at the private practice of our clinicians.

Supporting a diverse and international student community


Higher Education Institutions continue to grow their international student community. In order to provide more relatable support, we are able to provide student counselling in some of the main languages where they come from.

Apart from English, we have therapists that are able to offer counselling in Mandarin, Dutch, German (Germany), German (Austria), Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Afrikaans, French, Croatian, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Greek, Arabic, Cantonese, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Yoruba, Twi (Ghana), Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati.

    Live Dashboards

    A designated person will have access to a secured web-based platform with live information about the usage of our service, while keeping the confidentiality and anonymity of the students.

    We will also provide reports of the student counselling usage. Including: number and length of sessions taken, average improvement on their mental health after counselling, gender, identity and other types of data your institution would be interested in monitoring.

    Online Wellbeing Space

    Students will have access to an online wellbeing space with relevant self-help information regarding common student and personal issues. On the wellbeing space students will find articles, worksheets, and other self-help tools to improve their wellbeing in the university or school and outside.

    This service is available 24/7 and the content is constantly evolving based on the needs of the students.



    Our student counselling can help students:


    • Manage the stresses university life may present
    • Manage change and uncertainty
    • Have healthy relationships with others
    • Positively express their emotions
    • Have good self-esteem and be confident in their abilities
    • Develop self-help tools whilst at studies environment and beyond