How can I Benefit from a Stress Awareness Workshop

January 21, 2022

Pro-EAP Team

Our Stress Awareness Workshop is customised to the needs of different audiences. Most of the time, this training is targeted at managers, however other employees can benefit from these also.

A stress awareness workshop can help you not just identify behaviours that show stress, it will also help you develop different techniques to prevent and cope with stress.


Understanding Stress

Going through stress in our lives is a common situation that many of us will experience. When our bodies feel overwhelmed or unable to manage a situation, the response is stress.

As Harvard mentioned the combination of reactions to stress is also known as the “fight-or-flight” response because it enables us to react quickly to life-threatening situations, where we will fight the threat or flee to safety. Unfortunately, the body can also react to stressors that are not life-threatening, such as a job interview, work pressure, family difficulties, etc.

Stress has a powerful impact on our lives and when it comes to a common situation it can affect not only our mood, energy level, work, and relationships, stress can also affect and damage our physical health.


What topics are covered in a Stress Awareness Workshop?

Depending on the needs of your organisation, the training can also cover anxiety and stress in the workplace to help better understand and recognise the causes, symptoms and support needed in the workplace. The sessions are designed for anyone who would like a better understanding of mental health conditions for either themselves, a colleague, a family member, or a friend.

If appropriate and relevant the training can also cover Trauma/PTSD.

You can request more information here – Workshops Information

The workshop is mostly psycho-educational with a level of participation and will cover topics such as:

  • Stress – understanding and awareness
  • The physical, emotional, psychological, and behavioural signs of stress
  • Meeting our physical and emotional needs
  • Challenging thoughts and beliefs
  • Self-care
  • Balance in life
  • The importance of expression
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises


What are the benefits of a Stress Awareness Workshop?

A Stress Awareness Workshop will provide you with the tools needed to identify and cope with stress in your life and at work.

It is extremely important that line managers and senior members of staff are trained on this, so they know how better to help employees struggling.

Some of the benefits of a Stress Awareness Workshop are:

  • Develop ability to deal with the stress in your daily life
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Learn how to have a work-life balance
  • Help someone who is struggling with stress
  • Have a better sleep schedule
  • Improve your routine
  • Gain a sense of enthusiasm
  • Increase concentration and focus

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