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managers training

February 9, 2022

Pro-EAP Team

If you’re a manager ask yourself, when was the last time you spent time training or in a workshop? You may know the importance training and workshops have for the team, but still haven’t invested time in training.

Employees will always remember their favourite manager, not the one who just manages the team well, if not the one who also encourages them to face challenges and supports when things aren’t quite right.

One of the most important responsibilities a manager has is to be a leader and a mentor for their team members. When problems happen, a manager has the responsibility to support the employees and address the issue.


Why are you not training managers?

We will find a lot of companies who offer training for employees, but not for the management staff. It doesn’t make sense that staff have been trained, but not the key members of the team. Why does this happen? Sometimes certain workshops are targeted for employees and managers are not included or they don’t include themselves. Other times there’s a lack of time due to their job requirements.

But a lack of time is not an excuse. Managers must prioritise training to improve the management and wellbeing of their team and the success of their work and development.


How will managers training benefit the workplace?

Training allows employees to develop new skills, increase productivity and improve wellbeing. If managers are not trained on this, how are they supposed to support their employees on the same level?

Manager’s training being focused on topics such as managing stress and bullying and harassment in the workplace, is all necessary for a good working environment. These types of workshops will help prevent, identify, and support the different behaviours the staff may have.

No matter what the workshop topic is, more will be achieved if it’s targeted to managers and employees.


Managers wellbeing in the workplace training

Investing in mental health in the workplace is good business sense. Poor mental health is the number one reason for staff absence. Providing managers with skills to discuss and support mental health and wellbeing will improve the relationship between them and their team. They will be able to identify and reduce work stressors, as well as help prevent unwanted behaviour in the workplace.

After a mental health workshop managers will have the knowledge, tools, skills, and resources to improve awareness of mental health at work.

You can find out more about our mental health workshops for managers and employees here.

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