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Our Wellbeing Workshops for employees and managers will help develop the tools needed for a workplace who wants to take care of the wellbeing and mental health of their staff.

How are your employees coping? Would they benefit from some extra support?


  • Understand normalising their response to the pandemic
  • Focus on things they can control
  • Identify small changes they can make to reduce anxiety
  • Improve confidence in their own ability to adapt to hybrid working
  • Create a simple wellbeing plan

All the Wellbeing workshops can be delivered online or face to face and the timings can be adapted to suit the audience. For example, a half day workshop will be delivered as 2 x 90 minute online sessions (to ensure the audience remains engaged). 

Finally, you can find below the different wellbeing workshops for employees avaiable at the moment.


Mental Health First Aider Support Workshop


Now you’ve trained your line managers and employees in Mental Health First Aid, what’s next?


Firstly, this hands on workshop aims to provide recently trained MH First Aiders. Therefore, with a forum in which to develop and explore their new skills and knowledge. To consequently, build their confidence in dealing with colleagues in need of emotional support.


By the end of the training participants will:


  • Understand what is meant by “emotional support” and how it differs from the more typical support provided by friends, family or colleagues
  • Have practiced listening and understand common blocks that often prevent us from hearing what’s really being said
  • Have experience giving an empathetic response and understand the difference between sympathy and empathy (and why it matters)
  • Develope a checklist for dealing with someone with suicidal ideation
  • Practice providing emotional support and receive feedback on their listening, questioning and empathy skills

Adaptive Leadership Workshop


Today’s leaders manage an more complicated set of circumstances and resources. So, what makes the difference between those who thrive and those who get overwhelmed? This wellbeing workshop explores the concept of adaptive leadership. Most importantly, it aims to give you the tools and techniques that maximise your chances of success. As well as, deliver high performance, even when the going gets tough.


Who is it for? Team leaders & Managers wishing to develop personal strategies. Consequently, to help them cope with their work load, optimise their performance and bounce back from the setbacks. What seems to be an inevitable feature of modern business life.

Essential Conversations Workshop


We know that:

  • Managers deliver through their people
  • Employee engagement drives performance and relationships drive engagement
  • Effective relationships are built on trust

Are your managers having the essential conversations which build trusting relationships?


To clarify, Essential Conversations is a modular programme of 5 half day workshops which equips managers to have the critical conversations that drive performance.


  1.  Creating a relationship
  2. Setting expectations
  3. Feedback and motivation
  4. Dealing with poor performance
  5. Developing evolving careers

Stress Awareness Workshop


Our stress awareness workshop is customised to the needs of different audiences. Most of the time, this training is targeted at managers, however other employees can also benefit from this. This wellbeing workshop is mostly psycho-educational with a level of participation.


It will cover topics such as:


  • Understanding and awareness
  • The physical, emotional, psychological and behavioural signs
  • Meeting our physical and emotional needs
  • Challenging thoughts and Beliefs
  • Self-care
  • Balance in life
  • The importance of expression
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises

In addition, the workshop can also cover anxiety and stress in the workplace. As a result, it will help managers better understand and recognise the causes, symptoms and support options for anxiety and stress in the workplace.


To clarify, the sessions are designed for anyone who would like a better understanding of mental health conditions. No matter if it’s for themselves, a colleague, a family member or a friend.


If appropriate and relevant the training also covers Trauma/PTSD.

Sexual Harassment and Bullying Workshop


Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious common issue for many companies.


Therefore, we provide sexual harassment and bullying workshops online and face-to-face. This will provide members of staff the tools to identify and deal with cases where harassment and bullying are present. In addition, the workshops also cover bullying and harassment from a legal perspective.

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